Menu Déjeuner Express

Lunch Menu served in less 45mn, from Monday to Friday.
Starter and Main Course or Main Course and Dessert + water (or 1 glass of wine) + coffee

Menu Express, Week of Mai 7th 2018

- Sea-bream “ceviche” with citrus fruits.

- Roasted chicken breast, spelt cooked with curry, fresh herbs and grilled sweet pepper.
- Carnaroli Risotto with Basilica sauce – sweet garlic emulsion

- White chocolate mousse with passion pepper, crispy mango

Menu only 35 euros

Winter 2018 Menu

Les Préludes

Mushrooms Ravioli

Cream of red cabbage flavoured with Sumac spice – caramelized lard and parmesan cheese

16.00 €

Roasted Parsnip with honey in a velouté

Foie Gras, crumble and curcuma froth

14.00 €

Cod marinated in beetroot – Tzatziki and grapefruit

Fresh herb waffle – red pickled onions

19.00 €

Duck foie gras preserved in “Perique” tobacco liqueur

Quince and orange jam – Toasted sourdough bread

22.00 €

Les Grandes OEuvres

Roasted seabass with his crisped scales and lard

Tender Green lentils du Puy cooked with grilled onions

35.00 €

Erquy Scallops with Timur pepper

Rutabaga crème with yuzu, salsify and cripsy deep fried leaks

34.00 €

Carnaroli Risotto, buttery pan fried sweetbreads

Jerusalem artichoke crisps

28.00 €

French organic pork chop with a cranberries gravy sauce

Spicy rice with almonds and goji, Pak choi

34.00 €

Fillet steack « au sautoir »

root vegetables cooked in a juice of beetroot

39.00 €

Le Final ...

Our cheeses selection

10.00 €

Suzette style crêpes, cooked in front of you…

12.00 €

Peeled caramelized apples "like a Tatin"

Light cream with milk jam

10.00 €

Like a tiramisu...

Our granola, coffee ice cream and sweet mascarpone foam

10.00 €

Traditional Soufflé

Vanilla, chocolate, pistachio nuts, Mandarin liqueur or grand-Marnier liqueur

10.00 €

Crispy profiterole

Caramel with salted butter ice cream, chocolate sauce from Mexico

10.00 €