Menu "Carte E7"

One starter + One Plate + One Dessert
(Choice in all the menu)

Menu Déjeuner Express

Lunch Menu served in less 45mn, from Monday to Friday.
Starter and Main Course or Main Course and Dessert + water (or 1 glass of wine) + coffee

Menu Express, Week of July 23rd 2018

- Oeuf parfait, pork belly, rosemary foam, crispy garlic.

- Red scorpion fish, aubergine caviar, grilled courgette, preserved tomatoes, black olives, lemon.
- Carnaroli Risotto with Basilic sauce with roasted prawns, green peas, parmesan.

- Gariguette strawberry tartelette, light pistachio cream, verbena ice cream.

Menu only 35 euros

Spring 2018 Menu

In case of food intolerance or allergy, ask our team for the list of allergens contained in every dish.

Les Préludes

Crab cannelloni with Espelette pepper,

green pea mayonnaise and grapefruit gel

19.00 €

« Coeur de boeuf” tomato, Stracciatella,

gazpacho infused water, basil and tomato sorbet

15.00 €

Veal tartare with chestnut oil,

baby squid, preserved egg with baby beetroots and lemon gel

19.00 €

Fresh melon, strawberry and fennel,

fresh absinth dressing, melon-gin-juniper frozen granite

15.00 €

Les Grandes OEuvres

Zander skin fried,

black squid ink rice, creamy preserved lemon, green peas espuma and chorizo froth

27.00 €

Yuzu lacquered Tuna,

carrot and Yuzu mousseline, vegetables glazed in Ponzu, wasabi froth

29.00 €

Fregola sarda risotto, green vegetables

Spyci sausage from Calabra and green sauce

25.00 €

Grilled Beef topside,

preserved corn with smoked paprika, boccolini and red sweet pepper ketchup

28.00 €

Spruce pine duck filet,

pine kernel and spruce pine condiment, potato and mushroom cromesquis, Enokis mushroom and blackberry

27.00 €

Le Final ...

Selection of refined cheeses of Marie Quatrehomme

12.00 €

Catalonian lavender cream,

blueberry macaroonsBlack chocolate cream

12.00 €

Entremet raspberry and sweet red pepper

lemon biscuit

12.00 €

Apricot Melba

Rosemary and Apricot cream, preserved apricot, fresh almond and lemon sorbet

12.00 €

Creamy black 70% chocolate

Grand-Marnier cream, chocolat biscuit and preserved orange

12.00 €